Goyah – Lovoon (Official Video)

The band Goyah combines atmospheres and orchestral sounds (piano, strings, polyphonic choirs, horns) with electronic sounds (synth) in addition to the pop-rock ensamble (electric guitar, electric bass and drums).

The band was born in February 2008 from an idea of the lead singer and developed as a pop-rock-symponic project called DREAM ROCK. The band recorded his first 4 tracks EP-demo and a “live in studio” aimed to define the arrangements of the future album. The project is culminated now in a 11 tracks concept album called MEMORI and it will be available soon.


Paolo Goyah -Voice

Gian Luca Nigro – Piano/Keyboard/Synth

Francesco Cara – Guitar

Antonio Bruns Brunetti – Electric Bass

PierFrancesco Vairo – Drums

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